Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear reader.

You have just been give a direct order, a direct order, to rock the fuck out.
Rock out like you're six years old again and you just met santa. Rock out like the cats are clawing at eazy-e's face and it's the only way to stop them. Rock out like Tupac has risen and brought Biggie with him.

Rock out like it's the only thing keeping your skin from falling off.

Rock off like the sun is about to explode. rock out like the judge just dropped his drawers in court. rock out like you didn't kill that man, like you aren't sitting behind these bars. Rock out the way you will when you finally take those steps and are free from those walls.

Rock out like. . . chase hansen just gave you a hug.

Rock out like Tyler durden made you into one of his human sacrifices. Like Mr. Durden just took your license. Like Mr. Durden knows your name.

Rock out like John Lennon just Came back to play one last show, and he just dedicated it to you.

Rock out like you're in Shea stadium, and the Beatles have just taken the stage.

Rock out like you just flew. rock out like you can walk on water. Rock out like LL Cool J on stage.
Rock out like you're the first women president.

Rock out like you work in the world trade center, and  it's September tenth, and you just lost your job. 

Rock out like it's September eleventh, 2001, and you're sitting on the top floor of the south tower and the plane just hit and the room is filling up with smoke and the building is shaking and it starts to fall.
And it won't stop falling, and it's the last 5 seconds of your life.
Rock out like your pulling yourself from the rubble.

Rock out like you are NOT the one giving birth.

Rock out, BITCH.


  1. Nice. Especially the 9/11 one :) seriously though, the last one was kind of a sharp note to end on. Made me want to not rock out just to defy you :P Though I guess if that's what you intended, then that's cool, kinda a new twist

  2. Rock out like your pulling yourself from the rubble.

    Seriously this linen gave me the chills. Great work... So much power to every line that you write.

    Get rid of the word verification bro

  3. Rock out like John Lennon just Came back to play one last show, and he just dedicated it to you.

    I would piss myself if this this to happen.

  4. " you're not the one giving birth." Oh man, rock out, rock out, rock out!

  5. The last two lines describe men all too well.

  6. On spetember 9th 2001 the towers were intact. I promise.

  7. 9/9/01 is not 9/11/01 Good try though.

    Besides that, it was a good post.

    "Rock off..." What the hell does that mean?

  8. I felt like i got physically B**** slapped in that last line, I'm too scared not to rock out.

  9. Great how straight forward you are. I really enjoyed the 9/11 analogy. Good job. :)

  10. word verification is where we have to type in a weird word in order to post a comment

  11. The teacher should probably tell you not to write the F word. But, then, we started with a poem that had the F word in it, so...

    I enjoyed reading this. Actually, I didn't. I read it scared. I don't know if I was just afraid of what you were going to say or what. But I don't enjoy what you write. I'm not saying it's not good. It is. It's good. But I don't enjoy myself. I actually read this in the computer lab first but I had to stop because I thought the person who was sitting next to me looked over at my computer.

    You scare me. But you're a good writer.

  12. The word verification was just dyingsup (what the crap does that mean?????)----

    To turn it off, go to Design/Dashboard-Settings-Comments...and then turn the word verification from YES to NO.

    Or don't. I think I'd rather you stop dropping F's than worry about the word verification.