Sunday, November 6, 2011

High school means nothing.

trailer trash- modest mouse
My name is Isacc, i'm eighteen, the eldest of three children. Growing up I fell asleep to my parents fighting, and woke up to them screaming. After my parents finally got a divorce I took it upon myself to take care of my little brothers and my kid sister. I live in a trailer, I work over 50 hours a week, and I'm in high school, although, It means nothing.

Pitchfork- Joshua James
Joshua  is in his mid twenties, He became a janitor to work his way through college--his boss is a high school drop out--appliances begin to break but Joshua can't seem to pay for them to be fixed. fighting between him and his lover due to finacial issues arise. His lover begins to wish she would have become an actress instead of running away to live and love with a small town farm boy.

How Firm a Foundation- Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Luci is a poor chinese school girl, she lives in poverty  both her parents went to high school and college, yet they barely make enough to pay the bills, she has problems with her self esteem so she starts to sleep around, one night while "in the act" she has a brilliant idea, she is going to make money off of one of her favorite activities.
After a few months she becomes extremely sick, she is poorer then ever due to her drug and alcohol abuse, but! she is also poor in spirit, one night after she did a two for one deal she saw something that caught her eye, it was a book, after reading the back page she realised that she needed to put her problems into the lords hands, she begins building a strong faith in the lord jesus christ, she becomes very religous, she puts her past behind her and rises to success, while traveling the U.S. talking to HIGH schoolers about not selling your body to the devil she encounters her EX-PIMP, WHAT WILL HE DO!?


  1. the trailer trash blurb was fantastic. Made me want to listen to the song and continue the story that you have shared.
    Mo tab was a nice touch too.

  2. I agree about the trailer trash too! It's such a good song! Also, the way you made it first person was great. Good job!

  3. Wow. Classic Holden interpretations. How Firm A Foundation? You've outdone yourself.

  4. In my defense, it was the funniest thing I've read for these adaptions. I'm not offended by any means.

  5. ^^^ I'm happy all of you are too big of pussies to stand up for what you believe. Your Foundation is as firm as Mr. Nelsons mustache. I for one hate William with a passion no mortal should possess. You will die in a fiery inferno and BURN!!!

  6. There's a difference between my thoughts and having a firm foundation. I guess I should be offended.

    You're going to hell, Holden.

    There. Now I'm a preacher. Thanks for listening.

  7. i think it's awesome how you were able to come up with so much from a song by the mormon tabernacle choir. great work

  8. Already stated, Hershel. You go join him.