Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm a dentist, and I drill people

His name was Greg, he was a dentist. WAS a dentist. One day while DRILLING the patient, he noticed something rather strange in the back of their mouth, it was some kind of tooth-like thing, it was small and green, with a a strip of crystals through it. It drove him crazy wondering what it was, he lost sleep, he pulled the wrong teeth, he ate the wrong food, he drank drain-o, jk, not really, but he was pretty SCREWED up (get it? screwed up? he is a dentist? funny right?) anywho, one night when he waqs alone in his office, "working late" he grabbed the patients file to "review" it, he took the address and with his boom box loud playing  brokencydes new album he kidnapped the patient hit him in the head with a bucket of golf balls and pulled the tooth!

After carefully studying the tooth, he realized that it wasn't a green tooth at all! it was a TIME MACHINE!
Where will he go!? what will he do when he gets there!? will he use this time machine for good, for bad, or for pleasure!? This post is horse shit.

or is it?