Thursday, October 6, 2011


French, for reason.
Reason for what? Raison d'aimer? Raison de voir? Raison de manger? Raison de boire?

Raison de parler?

reason to speak?

why should you speak? What comes from speaking? What are your reasons to put volume to your thoughts? because you are for, or because you are against? because you are for against, or because you are against being for? Because you are neither for nor against but in the middle and largely unconvinced by either side? because you'd like to order a drink? Why would you order the drink in the first place? To drink, but, pourquoi devriez-vous boire? To celebrate? To stay warm? to forget unwanted memories? to calm down, maybe so you can follow through?

Why does any of this matter anyway?
Pourquoi suis-je parle de cela de toute facon?
Pourquoi suis-je ici? Que fais-je ici?
Ce qui est ma raison de vivre?

Raison d'etre, reason to live. the claimed reason for your existence.

what is mine?
I'm still figuring that out.
but what's yours?
poetry? politics? women? drugs? rock n' roll? music? animals? death? SCIENCE!? cats? rap? tupac? biggie smalls? immortal technique? tyler the creator? earl? odd future? books? stamps? records? your mother? your father? your dead parent, grandparent, sister, brother, best friend? why? what reason do you have to live? what reason do i have to live?
I don't know,
but i'm working on it.

Are you?

Etes-vous tuer votre avenir?

Sing loudly.


  1. "but i'm working on it."
    i like.

  2. you have me thinking all deep now.
    have you ever thought of what life would be like without chase? could it still exist?

  3. but seriously one of my favorite posts

  4. I think the reason we live is to try and figure out the reason we live. Great post.

  5. "I don't know,
    but i'm working on it." Loved this.
    I like how you posed everything as a question.
    This is amazing, well done.

  6. William, I don't know if you still check this blog, but if it's worth anything.

    Fucking Loved this.

    Loved the use of french.
    I think I'll be stealing this idea for the future.

    I can't stop thinking about the over-looming question you posed of "what is your reason to live"

    1. Hahahahaha I'm sorry I can't stop laughing that you commented on your blog with a different pen name. It's okay. I've done it too.

    2. I had 3 pen names at once… I'm a victim.

  7. these are the questions that should be put on our homework... not math.
    btw i like that post. good job.